PIC is now accepting comedy in list format, preferably 200-600 words. Lists, non-paragraph-style formats, quotes, quizzes, or any short creative formats are welcomed. Lists should have a catchy title reflecting a strong premise—for a list, the title may be what ends up selling us! If you have longer, more fleshed out comedy articles that happen to use a list format ("listicles"), please use our Comedy Article submission form instead.

We accept one list per submission, but you may use the form twice to send up to TWO lists at a time. We will accept or decline every submission, but any additional feedback will likely be limited to format guidance.

Important: Register a PIC profile here before submitting! This is where all of your published work will go. Upload your photo and fill out as much info as possible; readers are curious. Note that your Submittable account is entirely separate and only used to manage submissions.

Don't submit: Lists already published online, in part or whole.