Founded in 1999, PIC is an online comedy publication featuring enlightening and irreverent humor.

PIC is looking for humorous, creative, thematic, and entertaining articles preferably 600-1000 words. The ideal submission is irreverent but approachable, laugh out loud funny or bitingly witty, 815 words, spell-checked and at least lightly copy-edited, with a descriptive but catchy title. We're not afraid to take chances on many humor styles and formats, but your article should be funny in stand-alone fashion.

We accept one article per submission, but feel free to send up to 3 articles at a time by using the form below *drumroll* 3 times. Please leave out any personal/bio info within the article itself.

We ask that you give us at least 7 days to review and accept/decline a submission before potentially withdrawing it for publication elsewhere, save for extremely timely articles. Please respect our reviewers' time in this regard.

Important: Register a PIC profile here before submitting! This is where all of your published work will go. Upload your photo and fill out as much info as possible; readers are curious. Note: Your Submittable account is only used to manage submissions.

Don't submit: Satire news, poetry, image-heavy articles, or articles already published online (unless it's your very very personal site). There are exceptions, but rarely. If it's genre-defying, you'll know.

More details: View our main submissions page for complete guidelines.