Founded in 1999, PIC is an online comedy publication featuring enlightening and irreverent humor. You’ll find that we are mostly comedic, somewhat sophomoric, often sarcastic, and always curiously insightful or inexplicably delightful.

PIC is looking for humorous, creative, thematic, and entertaining articles preferably 600-1000 words. The ideal submission is irreverent but approachable, laugh out loud funny or bitingly witty, 815 words, spell-checked and at least lightly copy-edited, with a descriptive but catchy title. We're not afraid to take chances on many humor styles and formats, but your article should be funny in stand-alone fashion.

We accept one article per submission, but feel free to send up to 3 articles at a time by using the form below *drumroll* 3 times. Please leave out any personal/bio info within the article itself.

Important: Register a PIC profile here before submitting! This is where all of your published work will go. Upload your photo and fill out as much info as possible; readers are curious. Note: Your Submittable account is only used to manage submissions.

Don't submit: Satire news, poetry, image-heavy articles, or articles already published online (unless it's your very very personal site). There are exceptions, but rarely. If it's genre-defying, you'll know.

More details: View our main submissions page for complete guidelines.