PIC is now accepting dramatic readings of any of our comedy articles, whether it's your article or someone else's! If you're looking for articles to perform, some good styles to start browsing are our Open Letters, Speeches, and Scripts. You can also view all of our article topics by category.

Important: Be sure to put some serious character into your performance! We’re looking for a much more dynamic approach than just a straight reading. This form is only for readings of articles which have already been accepted via our comedy articles form, or published on PIC. Ideally we're looking for readings under 6 minutes long.

Audio recording tips:  Recording a voice memo on your phone in a quiet room is the simplest and most effective method to do a reading. If you want to get a little more technical, check out the programs Audacity (free) or Garageband (free; Mac only). No need to speak the title or anything other than the text of the article in your reading. Feel free to add music or special effects if you have proper licensing or copyright to do so, otherwise we can easily take care of that part on our end.

More details: View our main audio page for current readings.